HAVET Hotel Resort & Spa ***** Dźwirzyno, Dźwirzyno
HAVET Hotel Resort & Spa ***** Dźwirzyno, Dźwirzyno
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13 Apr ‘21
14 Apr ‘21
HAVET Hotel Resort & SPA***** in Dźwirzyno is a premium quality seaside hotel facility successfully operating on the market since spring 2011.
Condo system
What is

Condo system

The hotel was established and is managed in a condo system which assumes that each of the 133 rooms or suites has its Owner, some of the rooms are owned by the management company itself. All rooms and the entire facility is managed by Grand Baltic company seated in Dźwirzyno together with its team of professionals. The rooms and apartments are traded on the secondary market. The current offer includes rooms sold by the company and the owners of the rooms or apartments themselves.
How to profit
Opportunities and benefits

How to profit

As an owner, you earn all year round, regardless of the occupancy of the apartment. The property manager guarantees each owner a fixed monthly rent for each m2 of the owned room, increased by the indexing rate annually. Apart from the property tax, the Investor does not bear any additional costs related to the property.

The hotel apartments are fully equipped, insured, housed in a high-standard five-star building with a share of the land. By purchasing the ownership right to the hotel apartments, the Investor signs a long-term lease agreement with the hotel manager, ensuring monthly profits.

Successful investment
Prospective thinking

Successful investment

Hotel properties are still gaining in value. You can sell your apartment at any time. Preparation of apartments, promotion activities, acquiring hotel guests, management, and service of guests - all such activities are carried out by a proven managerial staff.

Invest in luxurious apartments of the HAVET Hotel by the Baltic Sea, in an extraordinary place, beside one of the most beautiful beaches in Poland.

Current offers

Room sales by the management company:

Item Hotel Number Floor  Room type Area  (m2) Status Building
1 3 Ground floor Standard Plus 33,01 available  west 
2 7 1 Standard Plus 33,01 available  west 
3 10 1 Family 37,63 available  west 
4 12 1 Family 37,85 available  west 
5 15 1 Family 38,61 available  west 
6 101 1 Standard Plus Room 37,64   west 
7 102 1 Standard Plus Room 33,07 available  west 
8 103 1 Standard Plus Room 33,07 available  west 
9 104 1 Standard Plus Room 32,43 available  west 
10 109 1 Family 37,95 available  west 
11 216 1 Standard 24,8 available  west 
12 317 1 Standard 25,11 available  west 
13 403 1 Apartment 2 - room 45,73 available  west 
14 252 2 Standard 28,19 available  east 
15 254 2 Room Standard 28,08 available  east 
16 351 3 Standard 28,16 available  east 
17 352 3 Standard 28,19 available  east 
18 353 3 Standard 28,2 reservation east 
19 452 4 Apartment 3 - room Lux  60,73 west  east 

Room sales directly by the Owners:

 Item  Hotel number Floor Room type Area (m2) Status
- 260 2 Standard room 26,50 west 

To learn more about the offer, please contact directly the Management Board of Grand Baltic sp. z o.o. 

Grand Baltic sp. z o.o. Management Board

Agnieszka Maszner
Financial Director 
President of the Management Board of Grand Baltic sp. z o.o.
mob.: +48 664 740 120

Przemysław Florys
Chief Operating
Officer Vice-President of the Management Board of Grand Baltic sp. z o.o.
mob.: +48 664 740 124


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