HAVET Hotel Resort & Spa ***** Dźwirzyno, Dźwirzyno
HAVET Hotel Resort & Spa ***** Dźwirzyno, Dźwirzyno
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13 Apr ‘21
14 Apr ‘21
MediRaty is a financing system developed in response to the needs and expectations of individuals.
Benefits of


  • simplified procedure to verify creditworthiness,
  • easy access to information about the facilities and financing: formalities without leaving home,
  • quick payment: even on the day of signing the Agreement.
3 easy steps


Step 1. Free verification of your creditworthiness and credit history and agreeing on the terms and conditions of the Installment Agreement with MediRaty Consultant and a convenient place to sign it (dispatch by MediRaty courier).
Step 2. Signing the installment agreement in the presence of the courier which is an indication to commence with the payment.
Step 3. Confirmation of using the selected service.

about MediRaty

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For more information about the MediRaty installment system, please visit www.mediraty.pl Self-calculation of installments online:  CLICK HERE.

All services of HAVET Hotel Resort & Spa ***** can be provided through the MediRaty financing system.
If you are interested, please contact the Booking Department at: +94 711 36 50, +94 711 36 53,or +94 711 36 54


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