HAVET Hotel Resort & Spa ***** Dźwirzyno, Dźwirzyno
HAVET Hotel Resort & Spa ***** Dźwirzyno, Dźwirzyno
Autumn at Natura Spa

Autumn at Natura Spa

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06 Mar ‘21
07 Mar ‘21
12 Oct 2020


Abhyanga is a body massage derived from Indain medicine. It reduces stress and nervous tension, ensures good sleep, improves the skin apperance and relaxes deeply.

60 min / 290 zł


An illuminating facial treatment the improves the color of gray, dull skin. It has a strong antioxidant and anti-aging effect. It reduces discoloration caused, among other, byt the sun.

70 min / 350 zł


Hammam is the best place to cleanse the body after sunbating. The Maroccan ritual perfectly eliminates toxins contained in the skin, removes dead epidermis, smoothes and tones the skin. It reduces swelling, accelerates metabolims and at the same time deeply relaxes.

90 min / 570 zł / 2 adults

75 min / 420 zł / 1 adult


Thai massage with warm herbal stamps releases essential oils and massages them into the body during the massage. The treatment accelerates the metabolism and relaxes deeply through the aroma.

70 min / 270 zł / whole body

40 min / 180 zł / back, neck



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