HAVET Hotel Resort & Spa ***** Dźwirzyno, Dźwirzyno
HAVET Hotel Resort & Spa ***** Dźwirzyno, Dźwirzyno
Pork knuckle festival

Pork knuckle festival

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21 Sep ‘20
22 Sep ‘20
23 Dec 2019

Welcome to the pork knuckle festival in the Magia Lubczyku restuarant!

Pork knuckles from the Witków farm baked in Colberg

regional beer Bonfire potatoes / fried cabbage / horseradish / mustard / pork knuckle / pickled red onion - (500g) 69 PLN

Wild boar knuckle

Beetroot baked with cherry / demi glace from wild boar / pearl barley rolls from the mill in Stoisław /cucumber from Kołobrzeska brine / apple / lovage / celery puree with coffee / - (400g) 79 PLN

Veal leg from the farm in Witkowo

Puree of smoked Mangalica bacon / fried red cabbage with red wine / demi glace / pickled blueberry - (400g) 79 PLN

Lamb Chops

Caramelised swede puree / demi glace / mint / leek hay / leek cooked in butter - (350g)79 PLN

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